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New Blog for Piedmont Crossing

Posted on 2/21/2011 by Joy
Hello and welcome to the Piedmont Crossing  blog -

We want to become your #1 resource for retirement living.  We invite you to join our RSS feed, or bookmark our blog, and begin receiving tips for healthier living and an active retirement lifestyle.

You might be asking, "What is an RSS feed?"  RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow a web site to tell you when they have new articles.  You simply subscribe to us in your RSS reader and new articles will come to you automatically. RSS readers can be downloaded for free.  Here's a list of popular free RSS readers:

There is often an array of choices when it comes to retirement communities.  View our blog post for a review and definition of Active Adult/Over 55 Communities, Rental Communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

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