Caregiver (CNA) (Download an Application)

Based on Experience


The Caregiver (CNA) provides physical care to the residents of the household to meet their daily needs and enable them to function at the highest possible level.  While this care is provided under the leadership of a professional nurse, the Caregiver is the residents' closest advocate in the household.  The Caregiver promotes the residents' psychosocial well-being through meaningful relationship building, and works with the household team to meet other social service needs of the resident and of the household, always providing support, friendship and kindness for each of the household members.  The Caregiver plans and facilitates social activities for the residents of the household which provide meaningful ways to spend time as recreation, exercise, relationship building and fun.  The Caregiver also supports the household homemaker in maintaining a clean, safe household environment and in caring for the residents' personal laundry.  All Caregiver tasks are performed in accordance with current standards, guidelines and regulations in a safe and efficient manner.   Full time, 2nd shift  and per diem positions available.