Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) right for you?

July 22, 2019

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) has a goal of providing lifelong housing, household assistance, and nursing care in exchange for an entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees. These communities give older adults the option to live in one community for the duration of their life, with a safety net of health services should they be needed.

Choosing Moving

One option for meeting the long-term care needs of a growing population of Americans who are seeking ways to ensure their assets and retirement income will cover the cost of their housing and health care needs is a CCRC.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities are not just for mature adults that need assistance. Most residents must be able to live independently when they enter into a contract with a CCRC, and move through the multiple levels of care — residential living, assisted and skilled nursing — as their needs change. Many Continuing Care Retirement Communities require potential residents to complete a health application prior to acceptance. You will also have a financial screening to make sure your current lifestyle will not be affected by your move to a CCRC.

When thinking about choosing a retirement community, choose the community before a health crisis hits and it is no longer your choice. Moving to a CCRC generally involves a financial and emotional investment. But these communities appeal to mature adults because they offer an active lifestyle for as long as possible but also provide the reassurance that, as they age or their needs change, quality care is available. Many older adults choose to live in CCRCs for different reasons. Some no longer wish to live in the large house where they raised their children, or maybe they desire to move to a new community where they can socialize with other people their age. Regardless the reason, a CCRC is a great place for older adults to get what they need and want from life, remaining mentally, physically and socially engaged.

As residents age and their needs change, they may get a greater level of care without having to uproot themselves. They can also stay within the community and receive short term care if needed, then move back to residential living or assisted living when recovered. If they move in as a couple and one becomes ill requiring much more care, they’ll be able to remain near each other within the community.  And maintain their support arm of neighbors and friends within the community.

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