A few reasons to look for a CCRC

January 19, 2019

Daily chores are increasingly difficult.

Maybe you are in good health overall and still active, but shoveling snow, raking leaves, and cleaning the house are a drain. Don’t wait until they become impossible and overwhelming. National estimates suggest the average age of a new CCRC resident is 80. “Don’t wait too long” shares Blair White, Marketing Director at Piedmont Crossing. “If you move earlier, you could enjoy the independent living residences with a reduced load of daily chores. Those that move into our community in their 60’s and early 70’s really get to enjoy the active lifestyle and amenities that a CCRC is known for.”

Being Lonely

Social isolation and loneliness can really threaten your health. A continuing care retirement community, like Piedmont Crossing, will give you your own private living space, but also provide plenty of opportunity to meet new people, participate in activities, and have company during meals and other daily events. Many purposeful opportunities await you at Piedmont Crossing.

Safety is Important

A continuing care retirement community, like Piedmont Crossing, offers a much safer environment. Home interior features (grab bars), emergency pendants, easily accessible doors, help create a practical space for older adults.  Having staff support as needed is reassuring to you and your adult children who may not be readily available or nearby.

“It truly is a gift to your children,” says Blair. “Your children will find comfort in knowing that you have a support system close by. Adult children tell us frequently how thankful they are that their parent(s) are moving to our community.”

Even if you’re not quite ready to move out of your home, taking the time to find out what is available will help you get prepared for a move that ideally will enhance your future.

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