The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

October 24, 2018

Tai Chi has been practiced for thousands of years now. It is often described as the “medication in motion.” There are many studies out now that this mind-body practice has tremendous value in treating and preventing many health related problems.

Tai Chi has some tremendous benefits for seniors. If you are looking for a low-impact, relaxing form of exercise that only requires 20-30 minutes a day, Tai Chi is the perfect workout for you. Tai Chi primary focuses around the mental and spiritual aspects integrated into slow-motion movements. This meditative form of exercise consists of a series various body movements and poses.

Below are 12 benefits of Tai Chi for seniors:

1. Promotes deep breathing

2. Relieves physical affects of stress

3. Reduces bone loss in menopausal women

4. Improves lower back and leg strength

5. Helps with arthritis pain

6. Reduces blood pressure

7. Requires mind and body integration through mental imagery

8. Accumulates energy by releasing endorphins rather than depleting it

9. Enhances mental capacity and concentration

10. Improves balance and stability by strengthening ankles and knees

11. Promotes faster recovery from strokes and heart attacks

12. Improves conditions of Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s

To learn more about Tai Chi, attend a class at Piedmont Crossing. Classes are most every Tuesday morning.   Call and let us know you are coming – 336-472-2017.


Excerpts from: The 12 Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors; Inside Elder Care