Misunderstandings About Senior Living Communities

March 1, 2019

“Who wants to live with a bunch of old people?” Has that statement ran through you mind at all? If you are considering a move to a continuing care retirement community like Piedmont Crossing or another type of senior living community, you may have thought this yourself or heard this response from a friend or loved one. It could be that consciously or subconsciously, this thought is holding you back from even considering a senior living community.

Where did this even come from? Maybe it’s the incorrect belief that “old people” have nothing to offer to society? That they’re boring? It’s almost like a fear that one might have of a contagious disease. “If I am around them too much, maybe I’ll catch it.” There is clearly a misunderstanding about what it’s really like to live in a CCRC. It probably remains from a time when the only senior living options were nursing homes, but today, there are so many more choices.

The Truth

Reality check: Residents at retirement communities, as a whole, are highly intellectual, successful, and outgoing. They have enjoyed brilliant careers as executives, business owners, professors, scientists, entrepreneurs, war veterans and high-ranking military officers, and much more. Some are highly distinguished and have won awards for various contributions to society or their profession. Many are well-versed and have traveled the world.

In comparison to the stereotypes about “old folks’ homes,” many CCRC residents still lead very active lives and are integral members of their surrounding communities. Some are experts in their fields, who give talks to other residents and even to groups outside of the CCRC. Others are vital to local volunteer organizations and houses of worship. Others enjoy athletic hobbies from golf to tennis to hiking. And for those residents whose physical capabilities have declined with age, many still find ways to stay engaged socially and find purpose in the world around them.

Visit a CCRC like Piedmont Crossing and see for yourself that there is so much activity and life. Many older adults at Piedmont Crossing are quick to say that life is just beginning.