Money Saving Tips for Older Adults

August 2, 2017

Living to see your golden years demands a position of honor. You have worked hard, raised your families and paid into society. Now, it is time to reap the benefits of a life well lived. Here are some tips to help seniors to enjoy life without necessarily penny pinching.

Senior discounts – You see them in restaurants everywhere. Now that you are at the age when you can use them, take advantage of them all. If your family wants to eat breakfast out, ask them to choose a place that offers a senior discount. You may have to show your identification to receive it.

Grocery shopping – If your local grocery store offers senior discounts on certain shopping days, wait until then to visit the store. Be sure to have your coupons ready so that you can save even more on your total food bill.

Fun and recreation – Museums, art exhibits, movie theaters, exercise facilities and other venues offer senior discounts for admission tickets. When planning a weekend activity, look into these places. You can still do the things you like to do and spend less doing it. Don’t be afraid to ask if it is not clearly posted at the counter.

Online resources – You are not alone; thousands of seniors are looking for ways to live well and on less in their golden years. Use online sites just for seniors to find local places to shop, exercise, hang out with others your own age, and get health needs met for a fraction of the cost. There are also forums to share ideas and make connections with others who are living frugally and to the fullest.

Wardrobe – Shopping for clothing is also designed with seniors in mind. Some stores offer senior days when you can shop and receive a percentage off of your total purchase. Look for sales you can take advantage of to maximize your discount.

Discounts for seniors are one way that businesses can show their respect for your position in society. 

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