Mother’s Day Prayer

May 11, 2020

O nurturing God, who fiercely loves us as a mother,

who claims us as beloved children

and feeds us with goodness and mercy,

who nurses our wounds and tenderly carries us,

we reach our arms out to you,

knowing we will be held.

We remember our mothers

And all that was gentle and compassionate about them.

We are grateful for their strength, courage and wisdom,

for comfort when we cried, to laughter when we were silly,

for guidance when we were uncertain,

and for all in them that helped us be the best we could be,

we are grateful.

We acknowledge that people aren’t perfect

and that no mother can love perfectly.

We acknowledge that no child can love perfectly.

As we are rooted in grace in your love,

we pray that our relationships be watered

with that same grace.

We remember also those who have been like mothers to us.

For aunts, sisters, neighbors, teachers and church members,

and for all who have nurtured us under the wings of their care,

we are grateful for their love.

If we have had the privilege of being a mother,

we give you thanks to know that special bond

that comes in being able to hold and nourish our babies,

guiding them as they grow with the best we have to give.

Our children have given us joy and tears.

We have suffered and rejoiced on their behalf.

Let us always remember that they are your children first,

and their lives are in your hands.

For those who have desperately wished for a child

but have had none of their own,

for those who have lost children

and known the deepest grief,

we acknowledge that this may be a day

they would rather skip,

a hard reminder of loss and unfulfilled dreams.

We pray that you, O God,

may wrap them in your arms of comfort.

As it is with life, there are always regrets.

Let us not reflect upon things done or left undone.

Let us tend to those things that bring about peace,

mending where we can and placing the rest in your hands.

Let us celebrate each precious moment

in which we have loved and been loved,

and know the tenderest of love by which you bear us,

your joy that you have for us, your beloved children.


In your deepest mercy we pray. Amen.