Socializing Can Extend Your Life

October 17, 2019

Experts say that seniors who enjoy an active social life often extend their lives by years. There are an abundance of benefits for socializing other than life extension; stress reduction, a feeling of importance, and a feeling of high self esteem are just a few of the benefits.

Often, seniors must make an effort to become involved rather than waiting for someone to come to them. Attending church, joining clubs and making or nurturing old friendships takes effort, but the benefits are enormous.

Being around people who have the same interests will help a senior enjoy life even more. Sharing old memories and creating new ones are the best medicine to keep someone from focusing on the negative side of life.

Joining an activity that’s new or challenging, such as dancing classes, are especially helpful for seniors because they are able to participate in an activity while meeting new friends.

It's not surprising that as we age socializing with others becomes more important than ever. We need all types of stimulation, including contact with others who share our interests and opinions. Getting out and socializing with others is the best medicine we can take in order to live a fulfilled life in our senior years.

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