A Celebration of Love & 70 Years

June 11, 2020

70 years ago yesterday, 6/10, residents Charles and Sylvia Blatchley were married on a windy day in Connecticut. The bride’s dress, with gorgeous detail and a long train, had a price tag of $120 at the time – valued at much more these days. After spending more than 25,550 days together (that’s how many days are in 70 years, not counting dating), the Blatchleys have spent the last couple of months apart during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Angela Daniels heard the couple had a big anniversary coming up, she felt called to somehow make it special. Through the UCHS Foundation funded Grant a Dream program, Angela coordinated a beautiful celebration with roses, tea lights, live music, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, a heart-shaped cake (which they each shared half), and much more. With a window between the two of them and a phone to provide sound, the couple had a “date” that even included a toast (yes, against the window). The couple laughed, shared memories, held photos up from their wedding day, and opened gifts that their children and grand-children sent. Even with COVID-19 safety measures in place, this couple shared a first-class anniversary celebration.

A special thank you to the Grant a Dream program, Angela Daniels, Rev. Bob Symanski, resident Chuck Woodson, and the many other Piedmont Crossing team members who coordinated this surprise.