Centenarians at Piedmont Crossing Share Same Birthday

December 9, 2016

Most everyone has heard the ‘birthday song’ before, but very few live to hear it 100 or more times.  Tola Dellinger and Alma Blair, both residents at Piedmont Crossing, are part of those few. On the same day, December 12, Dellinger and Blair will turn 100 and 104, respectively.

“Having two residents with the same birthday does not happen often, and especially to have them reach 100 and 104,” said Doug Russell, Executive Director at Piedmont Crossing. “I think it’s extraordinary.”


Born in 1912 and 1916, a lot happened during those years including the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the start of WWI, and the first transcontinental call being made in the United States. Radio and telegraphy were common means of communication at that time. Now Dellinger and Blair live in an age when e-mail, texting, and social media make worldwide communication basically instantaneous.

The two will celebrate their birthdays with family and friends. They both plan to attend each other’s birthday parties. “Tola and my mom have become great friends and want to celebrate their big accomplishments together,” stated Hollis Blair, Alma’s son.

When asked what their secret to longevity was, neither named one thing in particular. Following a few minutes of talking to the two centenarians, the answer may be obvious to most – it’s their sense of humor. “While being interviewed and having their picture taken, the two giggled like schoolgirls. They had the entire room laughing,” shared Shaylyn Ladd, Director of Public Relations at Piedmont Crossing.

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