COVID - 19 Update from Piedmont Crossing

March 19, 2020

Residents and Family members:

As you are aware, due to concerns about the spread and uncertainty of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the safety of our residents, no outside visitors are allowed into the main buildings unless permitted from administration as a medical necessity, such as end-of-life situations. At this time, we do not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our communities.

We understand that communication is incredibly important to you and your loved one. Every bit of support and love that comes our way creates smiles and combats the disruption in our daily lives.  We want to help make sure our residents do not feel as socially distant from you during this time. 

We encourage you to reach out and share your love.

-Send a card

-Telephone or Text

-Video Chat

-Social Media


The following protocols continue as previously advised.  In addition, therapy will be in private homes/rooms or where essential to care, no more than two individuals in the therapy gym at one time.


Visitor Updates

As mandated by CMS, no outside visitors will be allowed into the main buildings unless permitted from administration as a medical necessity, such as end-of-life situations.

There will be no outside prepared or packaged food deliveries accepted into the Health Center or Assisted Living areas. The community will provide all nutritional support needed.

For Health Center and Assisted Living residents who may have family taking care of their laundry, clean laundry will be left in a holding area of the community and isolated 24-hours before delivering to the resident room.

Staff & Essential Visitor Screening

Based on recommendations from the CDC we will continue with screening of ALL who enter our buildings.This screening includes questions about contact with others, travel and all will have temperatures recorded as part of the daily activity screening process.

Any medically essential visitors will be actively screened and temperatures taken.


Until further notice all communal dining has been closed. We will offer “to go” meal service on campus.

Events and Meetings

All events, group activities, and community gatherings are suspended until further notice.

Personal Socialization

In a time where it feels natural to want to come together and embrace the spirit of community, it’s difficult to ask you to do the opposite and practice social distancing.Please know we are not forcing anyone into isolation; we strongly encourage you to limit socialization efforts in groups as this increases your risk of exposure.We all need to take on the personal responsibility to help where we can.

If you are sick, isolate yourself, stay home, and contact your primary care professional.

We are highly recommending residential living residents stay on campus and not leave the community.Leaving the community could warrant 14-day self-isolation.

Transportation will be available for essential medical appointments.


All fitness classes have been canceled.

The community salons are closed.

Arrangements are being made to assist residents with grocery and supplies delivery.

We are staying up to date with regulatory agency guidelines and CDC recommendations and will keep you updated as issues change. Also, please note that the Executive Director or Administrator at your UCHS locations may need to impose additional restrictions as necessary at your specific community for the foreseeable future.  

The safety of those we serve and our team members providing service continue to be our number one priority. Thank you for your commitment and understanding.


Lee Syria


United Church Homes and Services