The Dutch Remember Those That Helped Liberate Their Nation: Hear One Man’s Story

July 26, 2019

Piedmont Crossing invites the public to hear resident Jack Frank and his friend Jergen Mingel, a Dutchman, speak about liberation in the Netherlands during WWII. The program will be at 6pm on Friday, August 2 on the campus of Piedmont Crossing, located at 100 Hedrick Drive in Thomasville.

Although neutral, the Netherlands was invaded by Nazi Germany in WWII in May of 1940 under orders from Adolf Hitler. After years of war, the Netherlands finally gained liberation in May of 1945 thanks to Canadian, British, and American forces.

Jack Frank, a resident at Piedmont Crossing and WWII veteran, was awarded the Army’s Bronze Star in Okinawa, Japan, in December 1945. Frank has made many friends along his life’s journey. A friend, Jergen Mingel, will be visiting Frank in Thomasville and has been invited to speak about the freedom of the Netherlands and appreciation of the United States for their liberation.

For more information, please call Blair White at 336-474-3605.