Local Grocery Store Chain Supports Older Adults

April 3, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic slams the nation, America’s grocery store workers are being called “heroes” as citizens everywhere flock to stores for food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products. The high demand for items is putting store employees working long hours to keep the shelves stocked, stores cleaned, and customers satisfied. Those most vulnerable to COVID-19 – those over the age of 65 - are facing many challenges as they struggle to stay safe and get the supplies they need.

Many stores have set aside special hours and accommodations for seniors. Piedmont Crossing, a retirement community in Thomasville, NC that serves over 300 older adults, has begun shopping for residents at their community. “With COVID-19 restrictions in place, we are encouraging our residents to let us do the shopping for them. It’s important that older adults stay out of stores as much as possible,” said Blair White, marketing director at Piedmont Crossing. “Several of my colleagues and I are going to stores most mornings to shop for residents at Piedmont Crossing. Our local Food Lion has been so kind and supportive during these challenging times.”

A grocery store chain based out of Salisbury, NC, Food Lion is often supportive of local initiatives. “Food Lion (store #1569) has staff readily available to assist us with our purchases for residents. They often have a register or two dedicated to get us in and out efficiently. They don’t stop there,” shared White. “They help us load the groceries too. Despite the stress they are experiencing, it amazes me how thoughtful they are. Store manager Chris McDonald even brought fresh flowers to our residents this week.”

In closing, White said “As healthcare workers, we know what it’s like being on the frontlines serving others during these uncertain times. But we want grocery store employees, truck drivers, and all those fellow essential workers keeping our communities running to know how much we appreciate them.”