Piedmont Crossing Employee Recognized for Safety Efforts

February 10, 2017

Piedmont Crossing and dining partner Sodexo recently awarded employee Linda Gardler The Cornerstone of Care Safety Excellence Award. This recognition honors those that go above and beyond to ensure every effort is taken to promote a culture of safety.

“Piedmont Crossing and Sodexo are proud to recognize Linda for her outstanding efforts in promoting safety in the food services industry,” stated Glen Berkel, Sodexo General Manager.

The old adage is that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. But everyday champions – safety and health professionals in a variety of industries and organizations – strive to make workplaces safe and compliant, therefore minimizing the potential for mishaps. Gardler, Director of Dining Services at Piedmont Crossing and District Safety Coordinator, is one of those champions.

Gardler manages Piedmont Crossing’s food services program, oversees a safety committee that proactively identifies safety concerns and takes corrective action, and maintains various quality and safety certifications. In addition to regular job requirements, safety award recipients must develop innovative approaches to workplace safety and foster collaboration with all employees.

Berkel shared “Linda is committed to providing a safe work environment. If an incident does arise, Linda quickly addresses it and implements steps to correct it and prevent it from occurring again. Her dedication to a safe work environment is evident and it is imperative that she is recognized.”