Piedmont Crossing Receives Best Practice Award

October 29, 2019

Piedmont Crossing was recently presented the Best Practice Award by Friends of Residents in Long-Term Care of North Carolina (FORLTC), a non-profit committed to advancing quality of life in North Carolina’s long-term facilities. The awards ceremony took place on Saturday at Cantina 18 in Downtown Raleigh.

The Best Practice Award recognizes a long-term care facility that displays person-centered values, supports the rights of residents, and has strived to improve quality of care. Piedmont Crossing’s award nomination described the retirement community’s efforts to implement dementia training for staff and to create a culture change. In part, the nomination read: “We are moving away from a regimented schedule of care to partnering with our residents to ensure that they receive the care they need. By understanding that they are only communicating their needs to us by utilizing what they have left and taking the time to understand what they are communicating, we are honoring their rights to make decisions. We realize that even though a resident has absolutely no safety awareness, person-centered care can be delivered in new ways by simply acknowledging and validating that the resident may be scared or anxious and that it is perfectly okay.”

Jan Briggs, administrator at Piedmont Crossing, has been a champion for the extensive staff training and culture change process. “In my 27 year career in long-term care, this has been the most difficult and tiring process I have experienced, but it has definitely been the most rewarding. Seeing the quality of life of these residents living with dementia improve so dramatically while seeing the satisfaction that our staff feel while working with them, proves to me that we have definitely improved our quality of care, allowed our residents to make decisions about their care and most importantly honored the rights of residents that no longer even know that they have rights,” shared Briggs.