Piedmont Crossing Residents Reach the PEAK

May 15, 2019

A graduation ceremony typically marks the beginning of life in “the real world.” For 14 Piedmont Crossing resident graduates, they already have more than a half-century of “real life” behind them and several formal graduation ceremonies to boot. And now, as older adults, their excitement for lifelong learning earned them a certificate and ceremony that celebrated their recent accomplishments.

In September of 2018, Piedmont Crossing retirement community began to promote PEAK – Piedmont Enrichment and Knowledge, a series-based learning program designed to offer a variety of educational and intellectual opportunities. The nine-month long program touted author meet and greets, history presentations, unique outings, guest speakers, and musical performances. To earn a certificate, residents had to attend a minimum of 10 programs throughout the nine months. Residents that met the graduation requirements were offered the opportunity to receive a PEAK certificate that honored their achievements.

At Tuesday’s PEAK graduation ceremony, planned by team members at Piedmont Crossing, the 14 PEAK graduates walked down the center aisle of the community’s multi-purpose room to Pomp and Circumstance, delivered by pianist Carrie Ann Fulbright. As part of the ceremony, Piedmont Crossing Executive Director Doug Russell and the organization’s CEO and President Lee Syria spoke and gave commencement remarks. “We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of these 14 residents,” shared Syria. “They are setting the standard for lifelong learning and proving that older adults yearn to expand their knowledge.”

Family members of the graduates, both older and younger, came to celebrate the accomplishments of their loved ones. One resident graduate had three generations present – their son and dad were in the audience.

“I have always found joy in learning,” shared Bill Lopp, Piedmont Crossing resident and PEAK graduate. “PEAK gives us easy access to a variety of quality speakers and programs. I can’t wait to see what the next season of PEAK will offer!”

Class of 2018-2019 Piedmont Crossing PEAK graduates are: Dale Bennett, Dorann Edwards, Dot Elliot, Mavis Hall, Ed Heist, Jeff Hoffman, Marcia Hoffman, Christine Huckleberry, Bill Lopp, Fred McIntyre, Bob Pearson, Bobbi Rivers, Chuck Rivers, and Don Roha.