Piedmont Crossing Residents Take Part in Emergency Services Training

November 11, 2016

Numerous Piedmont Crossing residents recently participated in a four week fire safety class pilot program that covered a variety of topics to promote fire prevention.

Their training included general fire safety, kitchen/cooking tips, proper use and storage of medical equipment, candle safety and seasonal precautions. They also received an overview of fire and emergency medical services offered in Thomasville.

Representatives from national and state fire prevention agencies came to the final class where each participant was awarded a certificate of completion. Sparky the Fire Dog also attended to celebrate his 65th birthday. Thomasville Fire Chief Marty Daily and Division Chief Dolly Hulin coordinated these efforts.

Earlier this year residents from Piedmont Crossing also participated in a police academy that was offered by Thomasville Police Department. Participants learned about patrol techniques, community policing, criminal investigations and narcotics, and firearms.

“This was the perfect opportunity for our residents at Piedmont Crossing to go behind-the-scenes, get to know their firefighters and officers better, and learn what’s involved in the day-to-day operations of their police and fire departments,” stated Sherry Scott, director of resident services at Piedmont Crossing. “Both trainings were top-notch. We thank them immensely for the education they provided us.”