Team Member Celebrates 50 Years

November 5, 2019

Congratulations to team member Faye Cranford on 50 years of service to United Church Homes and Services, the parent company to Piedmont Crossing. We celebrated Faye's achievement with a 50's inspired party complete with Coke floats, cupcakes and poodle skirts! Staff, residents, and visitors were welcomed to the celebration!

Faye works in the Environmental Services Department, but has held a couple of positions over her tenure. Although Piedmont Crossing and United Church Homes and Services are not yet 50 years old, Faye was at a facility that later merged with Piedmont Crossing. 

Congrats, Faye! Check out more photos of Faye's party on our Facebook page. 

Join the party at Piedmont Crossing! Check out our rewarding employment opportunities.