Fall Prevention Safety Tips

December 20, 2017

Here are a few tips to help create a safer home:

-Remove throw rugs or scatter mats; their edges are treacherous hazards. Another option: secure them to the floor or ensure they have non-skid backing to keep them from slipping
-Have handrails installed on the stairs
-Ensure stairways are well lit and free of clutter
-Keep walkways free of telephone and electrical cords and other clutter
-Install grab bar(s) and non-slip surfaces to make the bathtub or shower less slippery
-Use a bath seat, if standing up in a shower is difficult
-For those who have trouble getting on and off the toilet, use a raised toilet seat or grab bar
-Improve lighting in the bathroom or hallway by installing a nightlight
-Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent slipping
-Keep items in the kitchen in easy-to-reach locations
-Only use a short, stable step stool with a handrail
-Keep an easy-to-read list of emergency numbers near the telephone
-Keep outside walkways free of leaves, ice, snow and debris
-Wear supportive shoes when gardening or walking around the home
-For those that require one, use a walking aid (e.g. cane or walker)
-Remove your reading glasses when mobile
-Take care not to trip by always checking the floor
-Get help for heavier work around the house or garden

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