Housing Options for Seniors

January 29, 2021

Choosing the right senior housing solution could be a very difficult decision given the myriad of senior housing options available. Each individual has very specific needs that could only be answered by selecting the right senior housing solution. A careful look into each senior housing option gives you the best chance of finding the best services for your needs. Below is a list of the different senior housing options to guide you in making a better and well-informed decision.

Home Care

Home Care services allow seniors to receive care in their homes. Long-term caregivers visit the home regularly or live with them providing assistance in activities of daily living (ADLs). Services include assistance in bathing or meal preparation. Long-term caregivers are also tasked with meal and activities planning. Home care providers are trained in providing emergency medical care intervention. Length of stay depends on the needs of the senior. Rates are usually based on an hourly basis and 24 hour services are provided by a team of long-term care providers.

Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Homes provide seniors care in a residential or private home setting. These homes often house several seniors and receive care from long-term caregivers. Residential Care Homes are great for seniors who want a more homely atmosphere. These centers are great for seniors who are transitioning from their homes.

Residential Care homes are recommended for seniors who don't require special medical care. Seniors who live in these centers enjoy a great degree of freedom. Residential Care Homes provide seniors a community where they could interact and establish relationships with other seniors.

Independent Living Communities

Independent Living Communities house seniors who require little supervision or medical assistance. Senior housing options include apartments or private bedrooms. Services include meals and housekeeping. Seniors are also provided planned activities and recreational programs.

Short Term Care Facilities

Short Term Care communities provide seniors who require short term care. Seniors recovering from injuries or surgery could stay at a short term care facility for rehabilitation. Length of stay depends on the extent of injury or until the senior is able to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) independently. Short Term Care services are also available from other senior housing options.

Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities are facilities that provide seniors long-term care services but do not require the level of care found in nursing homes. Long-term caregivers work closely with medical professionals to provide medical care to seniors. Housing options include private or shared bedrooms. Prices are based on the amount of care and housing option.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes are places that provide seniors with 24 hour skilled nursing care. These are facilities that specialize in providing seniors who require assistance and a high level of medical care. Nursing Homes also give rehabilitative services to seniors recovering from injuries or illnesses. Seniors residing in these communities often require constant medical attention and professional services.

Residents are usually found sharing a room and served meals in a central dining area. Room occupancy varies and those who are too ill are given private rooms and served meals individually. Seniors who require special care may also be found in separate units to optimize treatment.

Special Care Centers

Special Care Centers are facilities that provide highly skilled medical services designed to treat specific illnesses or injuries. These centers provide targeted medical care services to seniors suffering from Alzheimer's or post-surgery patients. Around the clock support and a highly trained medical staff ensure that seniors get the best treatment possible.

Special Care Centers provide seniors individualized care and treatment designed for specific illnesses or injuries. Similar to Nursing Homes, these facilities give seniors suffering from Alzheimer's for example medical care that are needed to help them perform optimally. Part of these services that make Special Care Centers unique from other communities is that these facilities maintain a highly trained and specialized medical staff.

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