Ideas to Keep you Young at Heart

June 2, 2017

1) Eat fruits and vegetables. The fiber in these foods helps to lower cholesterol levels, and the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that all fruits and vegetables provide keep arteries strong and reduce blood pressure. Eat at least five servings each day and strive for variety. The best choices include leafy green and brightly colored vegetables, such as spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes, as well as grapes, oranges and any type of berries.

2) Skip meats that are high in cholesterol-raising saturated fat, such as sausages, hamburger and most other cuts of beef. Eat fish instead. Any fish is healthy (as long as it’s not fried), but cold-water fish such as salmon, herring, rainbow trout and sardines have the greatest amount of heart-healthy omega-3 fat. Eating fish twice a week can help improve cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

3) Nuts! And more nuts! Snack on a serving size of raw almonds, walnuts or peanuts, instead of potato or corn chips. Nuts are a great source of protein, and they contain heart-healthy fats. 

4) Put on your apron and get to the kitchen! Preparing meals from scratch is the most effective way to reduce sodium, and improve blood pressure. Examine food labels for sodium content, and strive for less than 2,400 mg per day. Skip the frozen dinners, canned soups and packaged rice, all of which are high in sodium. 

5) Make half of grains consumed whole. Foods made with whole grains have more vitamins and minerals, in addition to soluble fiber, which has been shown to decrease cholesterol. Replacing white bread, rice or pasta with whole-grain alternatives will help people meet their daily fiber goal of 20-35 grams, and it could help clear arteries of plaque build up.

6) Get moving now! Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of moderately intense physical activity most days of the week. Regular exercise is essential for anyone who wants to strengthen his or her heart, maintain a healthy weight and enjoy life! 

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