Important Aging Issues- Start the Conversation

March 31, 2017

According to a national survey, seniors and their adult children rarely discuss important aging issues with one another. Only one in three seniors report discussing health topics regularly with their kids, fewer than eight percent have discussed long-term care options with each other, and fewer than one in five have discussed life insurance or wills.

While we can’t always predict the changes we will experience as we grow older, we do know that the most common changes are related to health, living arrangements, the need for assistance, finances, and end-of-life issues. By talking about these important life issues and planning ahead, families find it easier to cope with the changes, crisis decision-making can be avoided, and personal control is retained even in difficult situations.

Although the majority of those surveyed said they are comfortable discussing these important issues, the reality is they seldom do. The main reason mentioned: No one is starting the conversation.

So how and where do you start? Begin by thinking about the “what if's.” Some questions to get you started include:

What if I had a stroke and could no longer live alone? Where would I want to live? My home with help? With my family? Assisted living?
What if I developed significant memory loss? Who would I want to pay my bills? Help me make financial or medical decisions?
What if my mother had a heart attack and needed help? What in-home or community-based services could help? What can I do?
Next you start the conversation.

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