Improve your Health and Spirit with Yoga

November 28, 2018

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years now and since the up rise, yoga has become one of the most popular exercises for adults. Yoga had originated in India somewhere around the 6th century BC. Yoga is often practiced for spiritual sense, physical, and mental discipline. In India, yoga was first practiced as just as a spiritual lift for people, many people had believed they were transforming themselves so they could understand the world. Over the decades yoga has exploded into more than just a spiritual movement.  The variety of different poses yoga brings with the uniqueness of stances followed by finding your inner tranquility shows the true beauty of this ancient art. Today, you can find many different forms of yoga that are being practiced all across the world. With each branch focusing on different aspects of the body, but overall improving the well-being of the person.


Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises for adults. The variety of different poses yoga brings, with the uniqueness of stances, followed by finding your inner tranquility, shows the true beauty of this ancient art.

Not only does your muscles become stronger but so does your overall joints and areas of the body cartilage. Just like muscles your joints will strengthen with the correct exercises with yoga. The stronger your joints, one may become less likely to get injured. It also applies to your bones and muscles with each exercise you will become less likely to develop arthritis or any other similar bone conditions.

Other than strength and overall health, yoga has shown a tremendous increase in adult’s flexibility.  By improving your flexibility, your posture will improve as well. Studies have shown adult’s in late 50-60s have determined that yoga helps reduce any chronic back pain or any other pains one may have. This peaceful and relaxing exercise even increases your blood flow. This means stress is decreased, depression and anxiety can also be reduced as well, which can leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

Yoga can bring a world of self-care, a better night’s sleep, and a healthier lifestyle. The origins of yoga are still very strong today.  With this positive approach and a spiritual attitude, this ancient art can really be shown to go a long way.

Piedmont Crossing believes in all disciplines of wellness.  Yoga is one of many variations of exercises held each week at Piedmont Crossing.