Reasons to LOVE Spring

March 23, 2017

Spring is such a vibrant time of year! The grass turns green, the flowers bloom, the days are longer- a general feeling of happiness comes upon us! These are some reasons we love spring:

1. Drive with the windows down. Fresh air and a cool breeze!
2. Festivals. Food festivals, music festivals, etc. There's something always going in during spring.
3. Strawberry picking season. Red, juicy strawberries can put a smile on anyone.
4. Gardening. It's time to get those hands dirty. 
5. Spring cleaning time. A time to start fresh and feel renewed.
6. Days are longer.More sunshine can affect mood and lead to you getting more accomplished.
7. BBQs. It's time to pull out the's BBQ time!
8. Smell of freshly cut grass. There's nothing like it.

Spring is also the perfect time to consider a move to Piedmont Crossing. Call Blair to learn about the many joys of retirement living - 336-474-3605.