Sessions at Piedmont Crossing Aim to Provide Mind Stimulation

April 3, 2018

Piedmont Crossing will host Breakfast for your Brain training sessions from 9-11am on Tuesday, April 17 and Thursday, April 19 in Unity Place on the Piedmont Crossing campus.

The complimentary sessions are open to adults, age 55 and older.

Mind stimulation exercises are important for brain health, just as exercise is important for your physical health. Most think that brains lose “power” as one ages, like a battery going dead. This is not true. The speed of the brain may slow down, but that often is the result of individuals not challenging themselves.

Breakfast for Your Brain was developed to encourage adults to stretch their thinking, try new ways of doing things, stimulate memory and develop creative minds. The two, two-hour, sessions will focus on nutrition, how the brain works, humor, using visuals to stimulate — puzzles, optical illusions, creative art, left/right brain activities, listening as a brain enhancer, expressing opinions — reminiscing exercises, word games and memory building exercises.

Space is limited. Reservations are required and can be made by contacting Blair White at 336-474-3605 or